The Master & Dynamic MW07 Go is the company’s most economical product yet, but you wouldn’t guess it from the sophisticated design, great audio quality, and extended battery life. While they aren’t without their limitations, these water-resistant and lightweight earbuds are easy to love and a joy to use.

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Who is the Master & Dynamic MW07 Go for?

An image of the Master & Dynamic MW07 Go true wireless earbuds in the open charging case atop a Chrome Industries messenger bag.

Long battery life benefits all listeners, and the charging case supplies an extra 12 hours of listening before needing to be recharged.

  • Athletes who value style should save their pennies for the Master & Dynamic MW07 Go. These IPX6 water-resistant earbuds can hold up against your toughest workouts. Their durability doesn’t detract from their sleek, lightweight design though as astutely marry style and functionality.
  • Listeners who want long battery life without the bulk. These earbuds offer a solid nine hours of playback as per our objective testing. What’s more, both the earbuds and case support quick charging.

What is the Master & Dynamic MW07 Go like?

An image of the Master & Dynamic MW07 Go true wireless earbuds on red, miniature playing cards with a candle, keys, lighter, and coin pouch in the background.

The TR90 housing shells are durable and facilitate the earbuds’ IPX6 water-resistant rating.

The D-shaped earbuds resemble the first MW07 but instead of an acetate shell, the MW07 Go is outfitted with a TR90 composite often used in athletic eyewear. This material has two benefits: cost reduction and increased durability. You can choose between three colorways: Electric Blue, Flame Red, Jet Black, and Stone Grey, all of which include a compact charging case and USB-C cable.

The earbuds are remarkably comfortable due to the angled nozzles, featherweight build, and proprietary silicone ear and wing tips. The comb-like Fit Wings are superior to most other wing tips: they allow for a secure fit that works with the shape of your ear, rather than pressing into or against it. Master & Dynamic provides four additional pairs of ear tips ranging from extra small to extra large.

An image of the Master & Dynamic MW07 Go charging case closed with all three LED indicators glowing green.

The cloth wrap makes it easy to handle the charging case.

A multifunction button sits atop the edge of the right earbud and enables virtual assistant access, music playback, and call controls. On the left earbud is an adorably small volume rocker, which is easy to use despite its small scale. During my time with the MW07 Go, I used the multifunction button with gloves sans-issue but didn’t have the dexterity to make volume adjustments without removing my left glove.

The MW07 Go are a great go-to pair of tough, yet handsome earbuds.

The rectangular charging case has blunted edges and a magnetic closing mechanism. Three LED indicators line the front and glow for a few seconds after the lid is shut. If all three alight green, the battery is at full capacity. Once it starts depleting, the LEDs will glow orange or red to indicate medium and low battery, respectively.

How does you connect the Master & Dynamic MW07 Go?

An image of a woman wearing the Master & Dynamic MW07 Go true wireless earbuds.

These are some of the most comfortable true wireless earbuds thanks to the supplied Fit Wings.

Just like the Google Pixel Buds 2, these Bluetooth 5.0 earbuds give listeners a long wireless leash. Ideally, you can walk 30 meters from your phone without experiencing any connection stutters. In actuality, this distance was shortened when a couple of rooms separated my phone from the earbuds. When I used the right earbud on my bike and placed my phone in my left pocket, there were plenty of connection stutters which immediately ceased upon switching pockets. I was, however, able to walk around my entire rock climbing gym without issue—a huge plus of these wireless sport in-ears.

The aptX high-quality Bluetooth codec is supported by the MW07 Go, which is great for Android users but forces Apple users to stream via the standard SBC codec. While it’s not a huge deal, as many of us are unable to blindly discern the differences in quality unless paying close attention, it results in a distracting audio-visual lag when streaming video from an iOS device. If this is a dealbreaker, you may want to look into some AAC-supported AirPods alternatives.

How good is the Master & Dynamic MW07 Go battery life?

Battery life is excellent. We recorded a constant 9 hour, 1 minute playback time from the Master & Dynamic MW07 Go. While this falls short of the 10-hour specified battery life, it remains significant for true wireless earbuds. Plus, you’re unlikely to listen for nine hours straight, and when the earbuds aren’t in use, you can keep them topped up via the cloth-wrapped charging case. This holds an extra 12 hours of battery life, getting you to nearly a full day of playback.

Charging the earbuds for 15 minutes supplies five hours of playtime. A full charge of the ‘buds is completed after just 40 minutes, which is coincidentally the time needed to top up the case. The MW07 Go is a great example of how far truly wireless technology has advanced in just a few years: a four-hour playback time used to be remarkable.

Does the Master & Dynamic MW07 Go block out background noise?

A chart depicting the Master & Dynamic MW07 Go true wireless earbuds' isolation performance.

Passive isolation is fairly effective but highly dependent on choosing the right ear tips.

Passive isolation is pretty good with the MW07 Go, but make sure you get the proper fit. For our test head, I had to try three ear tip sizes before finding the best pair. If you’re unable to get a good fit from any of the provided silicone ear tips, it’s worth throwing down a few bucks for memory foam tips.

How does the Master & Dynamic MW07 Go sound?

The Master & Dynamic MW07 Go frequency response chart.

The MW07 Go has a neutral frequency response, which plays well with all genres of music.

Master & Dynamic gave the MW07 Go a comparatively neutral frequency response. Yes, there is some emphasis on the low-end of the frequency spectrum, but these deviations are minimal and require a mindful ear to detect. That said, you may notice some vocal detail is “absent” in certain songs, that’s because of auditory masking. This is when a loud noise makes it harder to perceive a quieter one.

Lows, mids, and highs

JJ Wilde’s song The Rush, is a great example of what these earbuds do well and where their limitations lie. The song opens by alternating between E5 and E on the electric guitar. This grungy tone comes sounds great as you can really hear the initial guitar pluck thanks to the 100-300Hz bump.

Once Wilde begins singing the first verse, a drumline simultaneously kicks in. Here, you can notice some very minor masking of Wilde’s vocals. Skip to 0:34 when Wilde sings, “… but I went wrong.” While this is a consequence of her vocal delivery, it’s also a result of the emphasized guitar lick that happens right as she utters “wrong.”

To get a more extreme example of masking, skip ahead to the chorus at 1:32. Here syncopated tambourine and cymbal hits underscore the song. In all fairness, I’m nitpicking: the MW07 Go does a fabulous job at rendering natural vocals and string instruments in particular. Plus, the tamed bass emphasis is good for both workout contexts and for listeners who are more accustomed to a generally consumer-friendly sound.

Is the Master & Dynamic MW07 Go microphone any good?

A single beam-forming microphone located in the right earbud is used to transmit your voice during calls. Unfortunately, audio reproduction isn’t great but it gets the job done in a pinch. A Master & Dynamic representative shared that the microphone is engineered to prioritize noise-rejection above voice quality, which it effectively does.

Master & Dynamic MW07 Go microphone demo:

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How does the Master & Dynamic MW07 Go compare to other true wireless earbuds?

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus true wireless earbuds on top of a Samsung Galaxy S10e smartphone in flamingo pink.

You can charge the case via Wireless PowerShare or with a Qi-certified power mat.

When it comes to true wireless earbuds, $200 is the price point sweet spot. Yes, it’s a bit pricey, but you still get a good bang for your buck. Although $200 may seem expensive for earbuds, it’s still within the realm of reason for truly wireless models as they’re generally more expensive than their standard wireless alternatives anyway.

You’re afforded a lot with the Master & Dynamic MW07 Go. Not only do you get to show off your style with these handsome earbuds, but you also benefit from markedly better battery life than the original MW07 earbuds. What’s more, the IPX6 rating makes these the most durable Master & Dynamic earbuds to date and among the most durable true wireless workout earbuds in general.

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There are more affordable, equally functional alternatives though. If you have a Samsung phone and can forgo extreme water-resistance, the Galaxy Buds Plus remains a super pair of earbuds that include a wireless charging case. Listeners who are on a more shoestring budget and don’t mind sacrificing size and design may want the Nothing Ear 1. Nothing’s earphones include active noise cancelling, a durable build, and unique, semi-transparent design. Both options have better mics than the MW07 Go.

Should you buy the Master & Dynamic MW07 Go?

An image of the Master & Dynamic MW07 Go true wireless earbuds on a black leather surface with an out of focus Chrome Industries messenger bag in the background.

The Master & Dynamic MW07 Go earphones make for a great everyday and workout companion.

Yes, the Master & Dynamic MW07 Go is worth the expense if you put style above all else. It’s difficult to find a pair of earbuds that masterfully negotiates style, durability, and sound quality but Master & Dynamic pulls it off.

Again, $200 is a lot to drop on in-ears but if Apple, Beats, and Sony can get away with it, why not a premium audio company from New York? My main gripe with the headset has to do with the sub-par microphone quality, but this is the norm, rather than the exception, for truly wireless earbuds. If you can afford it, you’re bound to enjoy these stellar earbuds.

Master & Dynamic MW07 Go
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