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Pocket Partying with LEDs at a small form factor

What's a party without music? The Pocket Party proposes to be the ultimate speaker with an expandable and pocket-able design with music-sync'd LEDs.
by David WangNovember 17, 2015

Premium Sound – Wires = Master & Dynamic MW60 Headphones

Master & Dynamic is a force to be reckoned with, especially now that their brand has a higher level of sophisitication with the MW60 Wireless Headphones.
by David WangNovember 10, 2015

Deal: Save $50 on the JBL Xtreme

The holiday savings season begins with the JBL Xtreme speakers with Bluetooth connectivity at $50 off until November 7.
by David WangNovember 2, 2015

JBL Control X: tiny rugged speakers needed a bit more punch

The JBL Control X are powerful weatherproof speakers with the myriad of waterproof and weatherproof portable speakers for listeners on the go.
by David WangOctober 27, 2015

Audiofly partners with this season of X-Factor Australia

With audiophile-grade peripherals with judges dedicated to bring forward the best talents in the vocal space, Audiofly partners with X-Factor Australia.
by David WangOctober 26, 2015

Monoprice expands its home theater lineup with four more additions

Monoprice may not have the best sound hands down, but the bang-to-buck ratio is difficult to ignore with four new offerings to its home theater lineup.
by David WangOctober 20, 2015

Sonus faber IL Cremonese: A Stradivari-worthy speaker for a fraction of a Stradivarious

To honor its 300th anniverary in 2015, Sonus faber pays homage to the IL Cremonese as one of Antonio Stradivari's most famous violins.
by David WangOctober 19, 2015

Jabra STEEL: Bluetooth built to last

The Jabra STEEL is a rugged, Bluetooth headset tough enough to go anywhere, even when listening conditions aren't perfect.
by David WangOctober 14, 20151

Massdrop x MEE Audio Pinnacle PX review

Forget bass, the Pinnacle PX IEMs are all about those mids.

2 weeks ago

Sony WH-1000XM3 review: an upgrade?

It may not be very different than its predecessor, but that’s not a bad thing.

2 weeks ago

Pure portable audio: No longer an Oxymoron?

Portable speakers aren't as great as non-portable speakers, but the Astro Speaker dares to challenge that notion with hardware distortion control.
by David WangOctober 8, 2015

Wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey TARDIS headphones?

People assume that branded headphones are a strict progression of more profit, but it's more of a long wait for TARDIS headphones.
by David WangOctober 6, 2015
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